Watch out world, Baby Nolan has arrived!

On Sunday afternoon I photographed the sweetest family. I was so excited to meet their new precious baby boy, Nolan. From the moment the Andrews walked through my door, I could see the love radiating from them. Nolan’s big brother, Kenneth, was beyond excited to be photographed with Nolan. He was beaming with pride while smiling and holding baby Nolan. 


Baby Nolan already has a adoring personality. He only made a few noises during our session together. He did want to stop and have a milk snack but after that Nolan was ready for his debut. His session was a Full Newborn Session which included just Nolan being photographed along with family and sibling poses. 


I love posing families with their new baby.  There is nothing like seeing a family embracing their new little one and watching them create a memory that will last forever. For the Andrews, this was an amazing moment to be seen. I could see baby Nolan’s parents radiant with happiness and love that they have for their boys. Kenneth absolutely loved the sibling poses and I could really see he is going to be the best big brother ever! 


I want to thank the Andrews for giving me the opportunity to meet them and the honor of photographing them. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much!  


When & Why to book your Newborn Session?

When should you book your newborn session?
I say as soon as possible! Don't wait to long! I know I personally have had to turn away clients who inquired about a newborn session, but had waited to long to book and I was already fully booked. Newborn Photographers usually only take a limited number of Newborn Sessions a month to ensure their complete focus and to make sure they will have a session spot for you. Booking early can help in a lot of ways.

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Summer is almost here!

Hey everyone, 

Who is ready for summer? I know I am. I am ready for swimming, barbecuing, and those long summer nights. My children are counting the days till school is out. I don’t blame them, it’s been a long year.  

We recently moved to Glen Carbon, IL. It feels so good to be back in Illinois. I am loving it. I love being in the Edwardsville/Glen Carbon area, small towns with friendly and caring people. It’s been amazing meeting my new neighbors, seeing old friends, and creating new ones. The feeling of community here is absolutely wonderful, and I am so appreciative of it. 


This summer I am offering mini sessions. Mini sessions are a great way to get updated photos of you and your little ones while saving money and having fun too. It’s great for kids too because it’s not a long session and it keeps kids interested in the session. I will be having Ice Cream Mini Sessions in June and 4th of July Mini Sessions in July.  

ice cream.jpg
4th of july.jpg

Every month I usually offer some type of mini sessions. Sometimes I offer simple mini sessions or sometimes I offer themed mini sessions.  

I am looking for models. I am looking for twins to model in the studio. I do look for models a couple times during the year for new types of sessions and/or to model new props/backdrops. 

twin AD1.jpg

Since summer is upon us, I want to get back outside and enjoy this gorgeous time of the year. I would like to offer more natural light sessions outdoors so you may see me advertise for these types of sessions.  

I hope I get the chance to see you soon!  

Thank you!  


Baby Kendall models in the Studio!

Hey Beautiful, Did you see the gorgeous baby I recently had in the studio? I was looking for a newborn model to help me with a project for my newborn mentoring. A woman named, Page answered my ad and said that she just had a baby girl on January 4th and would like the opportunity to have her newborn model. 

We chatted and figured out the details. The session was on January 12th in the afternoon. I was so happy to meet baby Kendall. She was so sweet & the perfect model! I asked Page, Kendall's mom, how she felt when she first met Kendall and she said "Amazed! I was in pure awe with my Kendall & with myself for being a Goddess! We rocked that delivery room!" Guess what? They did! Page deliver baby Kendall in 4 hours! That is amazing!  

Baby Kendall helped me to create 5 Newborn wrapping videos! After the videos we continued her newborn session. Kendall's nursery color scheme is pink, grey, & neutrals.  I definitely gave her the princess treatment. ❤️

Page & Dylan, Kendall's mom and dad, got to choose items from my studio to use in their newborn session. Kendall looked amazing in every thing but the Kitty bonnet was extra special because Daddy & Mommy have two kitty fur babies as well!  

The advice Page said she would give to someone who is looking to get newborn portraits photographed is "Christine is a baby whisper! Come here! I'm so impressed with how she handled, fed, soothed my baby so confidently. Page's favorite part about our session together was my gentleness with her newborn and how I took my time with her session. I like to make sure I have everything just right, after all these are your portraits to cherish forever! 

 Thank you so much Page, Dylan and Kendall!  It was so nice to meet you! You are one beautiful family & I wish you guys the best in the future! 


Sweet Josiah

When I ask Josiah mom and dad what was their favorite part about our session together they said "Watching Christine put the props on Josiah and being impressed because he is not wake up". I think it's more so because Josiah, knew it was time to turn on the charm! He definitely won me over within the  first 5 minutes of his newborn session. 

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Welcome to my new website!

You can now become a Conner James Photography VIP member! A VIP member is how you can stay up to date with all things Conner James Photography. You will be added to my online private group on Facebook & also will be added to my website newsletter. In the group I will keep you up to date with all sessions and specials. You can sign up on my website.

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