Why I became a Photographer!

Do you ever feel like there are never enough hours in the day to get things done? These last couple of weeks have been busy for me. I’ve been working my other job and still photographing on the weekends. Homework is also taking over my life too. Ha ha! 

No matter how busy I am, I still love my job photographing newborns and being behind the camera. I am greatly honored to be able to help families create memories that will last forever. My photography is my passion. I do my photography not just for the money, but for my son, Conner James. He is my reason I started my photography. 

Conner James passed away very suddenly at almost 3 months old while I was on vacation. His passing was very sudden. He was my second child. At the time, I had two children. Jordynne was 1 year old and Conner who was almost 3 months. I was a new mom of two, trying to buy a house. 

When Conner was born, we were still searching for a new house. We had brought him home to our old house and a month later we moved to a apartment. We couldn’t really afford newborn pictures. We had two kids in diapers, buying formula, and trying to save money for the new move. It was also hard to afford the hospital photos. 

When Jordynne was born we bought the hospital photos. We paid over $400.00 for the photos. The photos took a month to arrive at our door. When we received them, we notice that we didn’t order enough as we have a big family. We had to order more spending another $150.00 and waiting another month and half to receive them. The photos themselves we good quality but the posing of Jordynne we weren’t really happy with. But we were new parents and didn’t know any better.  

When we had Conner and with the anticipation of the move we decided to go a different route for newborn photos. We choose Walmart Picture Me Studios. They had a special going on for a package so we decided we would just go with them. A mistake I have regretted for years. After Conner passed, those photos are all I have left from when he was a newborn. 

I have some other photos I took of him while we were at home, and some at the hospital but not much else. I know we were busy with the move and taking care of two kids but now I wish and long for more photos of my little boy. He was a very sweet boy who loved to cuddle and be held. If you are a client, most likely I have told you what happened to him. I wouldn’t wish this for any mother. It will be 10 years this year since Conner has passed and my regret for the newborn photos still remains the same. 

I started my photography for my son, and for other families like mine who couldn’t possibly afford the price of $200 - $1000’s, that it could cost. For the new families just starting and for the families going through financial hardships, that they may have newborn photos done by someone who specializes in the field, creating special memories that they will cherish, and by someone who cares about their family.