Summer days passing all too quickly

Life has been so busy for me. I have been photographing newborn’s, Milestone Sessions, and 1st Birthday Sessions. I also have been trying to teach my babies how to enjoy the summer and my youngest two babies how to read.  


Its has been wonderful swimming, watching movies, visiting with family and friends, going to fun places like the Science Center and Zoo.  This summer my oldest daughter, Jordynne, turned 10 years old, Conner James would be 9 years old and my youngest, Dylan, turned 6 years old.  We had lots of birthdays and lots of joy. We had so much fun and laughter. I am so lucky to be a mom.


As my children get older, I  can’t help but think of how much they have grown as a person through out the past year. I try to capture the moments both big and small while also trying to be present and in the moment.  I noticed now, that my children want me to capture them. They say “Take a picture mom!”.  I took a lot of pictures this summer and somehow managed to still work.   Lol


I will be blogging more once school starts back up. Right now, I am just trying to enjoy my babies and spend as much time with them as possible before school starts back up. I know I can’t be the only mom going crazy with buying school supplies for 3 kids in different grades, new clothes, new shoes and so on.  I know my children are anxious to find out what teacher they have and which friends are in their class, but I have mixed feelings. I want to be able to spend more time with them, but I am also looking forward to a possible nap during the day. 


If you are looking to schedule a session just let me know.  I would love to talk to you and hopefully capture your memories. Thank you so much!