When & Why to book your Newborn Session?

There are a couple questions I have been getting asked a lot by clients. When should I book my newborn session? Why should I book with a specialty Newborn Photographer? These are great questions to be asking. Your newborn baby deserves the very best & so do you. You are trusting your baby's safety with your photographer and want the very best outcome from the session.

When should you book your newborn session?

I say as soon as possible! Don't wait too long! I know I personally have had to turn away clients who inquired about a newborn session but had waited to long to book and I was already fully booked. Newborn Photographers usually only take a  limited  number of Newborn Sessions a month to ensure their complete focus and to make sure they will have a session spot for you. Booking early can help in a lot of ways. First, this will ensure you have a session spot. Second, most photographers’ schedules fill up bookings very fast. Third, this ensures that your photographer can personalize/customize the session to your Nursery theme or color scheme that you may want. Most photographers start planning your session soon after your booking, they want to make sure that your portraits are to your liking but also reflect the photographer’s artistic side/style. Also we may even need to buy a prop to coordinate with your session so we will need time to make that happen.

Why to hire a specialty newborn photography versus a regular photographer? 

Newborn babies are very precious. You want your newborn to be photographed but your other main concern is their safety. Most photographers care about your newborns safety but may not know the safe way to pose your newborn properly.  By hiring a specialty newborn photographer, this ensures they know what they are doing. They can pose your newborn in multiple poses while making sure your newborn is completely safe. They also know how to pose a newborn in one pose but at the same time, making sure to capture the best angles resulting in multiple images versus just one image from the pose. Also, your session time will be reasonable. Regular photographers take longer in posing as they are not fully trained in Newborn Photography. A non-specialist photographer can take up to 4 hours or more to photography a newborn session, as to where specialty newborn photographers can photograph a newborn session in 2 hours or less.